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Chef Valarie and Sherifa

A Family Affair

Welcome to the new and improved Irie Corner Caterers, a Catering and Events Company based in Maryland tailored around Caribbean fusion cuisine. 2021 began with a rebrand, brand new kitchen and new services that we are sure will satisfy your family's needs.


Irie Corner Caterers is a family affair, led by a mother-daughter duo, Executive Chef, Valerie Phillpotts and Catering/Event Coordinator, Sherifa Phillpotts


The word “irie” in Jamaica means “everything is alright, not to worry” and Irie Corner Caterers certainly delivers on that promise. An internationally renowned catering company, Irie Corner Caterers has been cooking up delicious, healthy food for over 25 years. The family owned business is headed by the family matriarch, Valerie Phillpotts; who has simultaneously raised eight children while committing to a flourishing catering career. 


Today, all of her children are involved in growing the family business and are just as committed to creating wonderfully edible foods of Caribbean influence. Valerie’s second daughter, Sherifa Phillpotts, has taken the reins of Catering/Event Coordinator for the business; with a promising career as Catering Director for several Washington area hotels, she has increased the business’ exposure and clientele as she brings in weddings, celebrity functions, embassy celebrations, and social parties. 


Though Irie Corner Caterers is a Caribbean caterer, customarily creating Jamaican dishes; they are just as talented in creating menus of many origins. Not only have Irie Corner Caterers created catering masterpieces for Caribbean functions, but have also made many cultural events memorable with their Jamaican fused meals. American, Indian, and European alike all praise Valerie and Sherifa for their tasty dishes and brilliant affairs.

If you are looking for an unforgettable feast sure to please your guests’ eyes, noses, and taste buds, Irie Corner Caterer is a must. No event is too small or too large, and no budget is out of the question. Contact us and be prepared for an “Irie Celebration”.


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